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Faculty Development

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Teach effectively and grow professionally

Our faculty development programs help our educators develop and hone their skills in teaching, mentoring, curriculum development, assessment, leadership, scholarship, collaboration and career advancement. 

Most faculty development courses offer Category 1 Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits, including in-person and online courses. To help you effectively transition your knowledge and experience to the next generation of physicians, participation in our faculty development programs is a requirement for appointment.

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Most of our faculty development courses offer Category 1 CME credits, including in-person and online courses.

Online Courses

The following online sessions offer Category 1 CME credit:

Clinical Assessment, Evaluation and Feedback
This course highlights the exciting growth of competency-based medical education and increases your awareness of concepts such as entrustable professional activities (EPAs), competencies and milestones. It also examines formative and summative assessment and reviews strategies for common assessment challenges encountered in the clinical environment. Most importantly, the course provides strategies to help you deliver feedback more effectively and provides rigorous assessments of our learners.

Clinical Teaching
This course takes a chronological approach to teaching with patients in order to help clinical teachers develop students‘ reasoning and self-directed learning skills.

Other online courses include:

  • Developing Your Teaching
  • Lecturing 1
  • Lecturing 2
  • Making the Most of Discussion
  • Marking, Grading and Giving Feedback
  • Resources to Enhance Learning
  • Supervising Projects and Dissertations

On-Campus Courses and Events

Current faculty partners can find a list of in-person courses/events on the Faculty Development Blackboard site. To access this site and complete online modules, you must have a valid QU login for Blackboard. On-campus courses offer Category 1 CME credit.

Development Staff

Lisa Coplit, MD

Associate Dean for Faculty Development

Dr. Lisa Coplit oversees all faculty development efforts by designing programs that advance educator faculty’s professional development in teaching skills, curriculum development, mentoring, scholarship and leadership.

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Katie Lyons

Faculty Development Program Coordinator

Katie Lyons handles the day-to-day operation of the faculty development department with planning of educational seminars, and assists faculty with identifying opportunities to meet their faculty development requirements.

Development Committee

The faculty development committee serves as an advisory body and as a resource to the School of Medicine, helping to develop, plan and assess faculty development initiatives. The committee is composed of faculty, staff and other individuals with relevant expertise. This broad representation ensures that the needs of various constituents — pre-clinical faculty, clinical faculty at different affiliate sites and staff — are addressed properly.

  • Abayomi Akanji, MD, PhD
  • Lisa Coplit, MD
  • Jeri Hepworth, PhD
  • Harold Kaplan, MD
  • Gina Luciano, MD FACP
  • Katie Lyons  
  • Douglas McHugh, PhD
  • Anupama Parahandi, DO
  • Jennifer Rockfeld, MD, FACP

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fulfill the faculty development requirement?

To fulfill your requirement:

  • Log in to Blackboard
  • Go to ”Netter Faculty Development’ located under My Organizations
  • Click on the Requirement tab and scroll to the bottom of the page
  • Click on ”Fulfill my Requirement’

For more help, watch this video on using the faculty development Blackboard site and fulfilling your requirement.

How do I keep track of my faculty development hours?

A record of your hours will be kept in the grade center in your Blackboard account.

Do I need to report my hours or are they recorded automatically?

Hours are automatically recorded in the grade center only for the online modules within the faculty development Blackboard site. For all other activities, such as live sessions, you must sign in for your attendance to be recorded. At the end of each academic year, the faculty development program coordinator will inform you of the number of hours you have completed toward your faculty development requirement.

How do I access Blackboard?

Blackboard allows you to access course work and important faculty development information. Log in to Blackboard via MyQ, select the Medicine tab, and select “View Your Courses.” If you need assistance with logging in, forget your password, or have other Blackboard-related questions, review the document below or call 203-582-4357.

Does the annual faculty retreat count as part of the required four hours of faculty development?

Yes, the annual faculty retreat fulfills the requirement.

Whom do I contact with questions regarding faculty development?

You can contact Katie Lyons, faculty development program coordinator, by email at or by phone at 203-582-8803.